Code of Ordinances


 On November 7, 2011 the Village Board held a public hearing to review the updated codification of the Village Ordinances.  After adjournment of the public hearing, the Village Board came into session to adopt the updated codification of the Village Code of Ordinances.  There is a Code of Ordinance binder available for public review during Village office hours and an electronic version available here.  The electronic version is posted chapter by chapter.  If you should have questions regarding the Code of Ordinances, please contact the Village Clerk.



Table of Contents

1-General Government

2-Vehicular Traffic and Recreational Vehicles Campers


4-Public Works

5-Snowmobiles Bicycles All-Terrain Vehicles 4 Wheelers and Rules for The Permissive Use of Battery Operated Bicylces

    Marked Snowmobile Trail Map for Village of Stockbridge

6-Offenses Endangering Public Safety

7-Keeping of Dogs and or Cats


9-Gifts to Public Officials

10-Public Nuisance

   10.11 Amendment - Keeping of Chickens in the Village of Stockbridge

   Chicken Permit Application


12-Game Rooms

13-Building Code

14-Street Numbers

15-Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park Regulations

16-Floodplain Zoning


18-Direct Sellers

   Direct Sellers Permit Application


20-Restrictions on the Location of Adult Establishments

21-Establishing Standards for the Approval and Acceptance of Plats Certified Surveys and Roads

22-Cable Television Franchise

23-Sanitary Sewer System Fees


    24.305 (D-G) Amendment adopted 7/2/2014

    24.307 Sign Ordinance Amendment adopted 2/6/2019

    24.404 - 24.409 Accessory Structures adopted 5/4/2016

25-Shoreland-Wetland Zoning

   25.04 (5.5) Amendment adopted 6/4/2014


27-Initial Rules and Regulations Related to Construction of and Connection To the Village of Stockbridge Water System

   27.01 (5) Amendment - Establishment of $2,500 Hook Up Fee to Hook Into Municipal Water System

   27.075 Amendment    Unauthorized Interference with Water System

28-Well Head Protection

29-Water Utility District

30-Regulations for the Installation and Use of Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

31-Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions


32-Cross Connections


2013 Adopted Resolutions: 

LOSAP Program


2014 Adopted Resolutions:

LOSAP Program




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