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Stockbridge Comprehensive Planning PDFPlanning in the Village of Stockbridge

The Village of Stockbridge's first plan was prepared in the late 1970's by the Village Planning Committee with assistance from the Calumet County Planning Department.

Wisconsin Statutes 16.965 and 16.9615, which provide for planning grants, and 66.1001, the comprehensive planning legislation, guided the preparation of this comprehensive plan. It is intended to direct the growth of the community for the next twenty years, with a review of its objectives on an annual basis and a full update every ten years. This plan incorporated input from residents of the Village of Stockbridge while encouraging efficient government and facilitating intergovernmental cooperation. It will be a blueprint for fu- ture development that will help citizens, developers and all other entities know what to expect about the future of the Village of Stockbridge.

The Village of Stockbridge Plan Commission on February 4, 2003, by resolution, recom- mended the adoption of the Village of Stockbridge Comprehensive Plan to the Village Board of the Village of Stockbridge. On May 6, 2003, the Village Board held a public hear- ing on the Village of Stockbridge Comprehensive Plan and adopted the Comprehensive Plan by Ordinance No. 61.


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Future Land Use Plan

Zoning Map

Soil Suitability for Agricultural Use

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Areas of High Ground Water

Soil Potential for Single-Family Homes with Basements

Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer & Water Main Location Map

Utilities and Community Facilities

Existing Land Use Map






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