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The Village of Stockbridge and surrounding area is not only blessed with a rich heritage, serene beauty, and majestic views of Lake Winnebago, it boasts many recreational venues for our local residents and visiting friends.  So regardless if you are fortunate enough to live here or are just planning a vist - make sure to check out all this area has to offer. 




Calumet County Park
N6150 Cty EE
(920) 849-1494 or 439-1008
Calumet County Park provides access to two of the county's most marvelous natural features, Lake Winnebago and the Niagara Escarpment. This 200 acre park has a campground, marina and boat launch, and concession building. In addition, there are 5 miles of hiking trails, a large playground area, a snow tubing/sledding hill, and historic Indian effigy mounds and pre-Civil War brick yard. The park is home to many running and biking events.




Lakeview Campground
N4475 Ledge Road
(920) 439-1495
Sleep atop the Niagara Escarpment and overlook Lake Winnebago! The campground has a pub and grill, swimming pool, mini-golf, disc-golf, volleyball, basketball, horseshore pits, shuffleboard, showers, convienence store, RV rentals and more!


High Cliff State Park
N7630 State Park Road
(920) 989-1106
Just a few miles north of the Village of Stockbridge is High Cliff State Park.  One visit and you’ll understand why this is one of the state’s most highly utilized parks (third in the state)! Enjoy cliff faces, wooded areas with hiking and equestrian trails, spectacular lake views, and sunsets. Amenities include a beach in the lower park, showers, firewood sales, a concession store, marina, and the High Cliff General Store Museum. Within walking distance to golf, a supper club, a quaint bar & grill, and ice cream shoppe.

If you'd prefer a motel stay while visiting, check out the Lakeview Motel!


Lakeview Motel and Restaurant
N4111 Hwy 55 and Cty F
(920) 439-1130
A cozy motel with a breathtaking view of Lake Winnebago is located just a few short miles south of the village of Hwy 55.  Sunsets are always a must see from this motel. The motel was recently remodeled and 8 regular rooms available and one suite.




We are blessed to be situated on the largest fresh water lake in Wisconsin.  Lake Winnebago is 28 miles long and 10 miles wide with a maximum depth 22 feet. It covers 137,708 acres and is home to one of the largest Lake Sturgeon populations in the world.  The other featured species of fish include walleye, bass, perch, crappie, and blue gill.


Whether you enjoy open water or ice fishing, the Stockbridge area is the perfect place to explore your sport!  There are numerous Fishing Clubs that work diligently to sponsor various Spring/Summer fishing tournaments and to plow & maintain roads during the ice fishing season. They include the Brickyard Fishing Club, Harbor Fishing Club & Quinney Fishing Club. 


To explore the current fishing reports CLICK HERE.


If you are new to the area and are uncertain as to where you can launch your boat, the following information should prove helpful. 

Stockbridge Harbor information can be found HERE


Calumet County Park Harbor - daily launch permits available on site or seasonal boat launch permits can be purchased through the Calumet County Park Office by calling 439-1008.  This seasonal permit will give you access to the lake from Brothertown Harbor, Calumet County Park Harbor and Stockbridge Harbor. 


New in 2014, there is now a boat launch permit for $50 that allows launching at all boat launches around Lake Winnebago.  Contact the County officat at 439-1008 for more information.






What is geocaching, you ask?  Geochaching is a high tech treasure hunting game played throughout the area by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices.  The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors then share your experiences online.  Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment. 

There are several geocaches within our surrounding area.  If this is something you'd like to learn more about, you can do some online research but starting at the official geocaching website is a good place to start! CLICK HERE!




There are so many fun things to do, with the entire family, in this area!  Check out this SITE!





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