On November 7, 2011 the Village Board held a public hearing to review the updated codification of the Village Ordinances.  After adjournment of the public hearing, the Village Board came into session to adopt the updated codification of the Village Code of Ordinances.  There is a Code of Ordinance binder available for public review during Village office hours and an electronic version available here.  The electronic version is posted chapter by chapter.  If you should have questions regarding the Code of Ordinances, please contact the Village Clerk.

Table of Contents

2013 Adopted Resolutions:
LOSAP Program

2014 Adopted Resolutions:
Losap Program

2021 Adopted Ordinances:

Annexation Ordinance 2021-01

Ordinance 2021-2 Revise Chapter 14 Street Names, Numbers, and Address Signs 8-4-2021

2021 Adopted Resolutions:

Resolution 01-21 Redemption of General Obligation Sewerage System Bonds

Resolution 02-21 Amending Articles of Organization and the By-laws of ECWRPC