If you are interested in being on the Village Board, you must complete a campaign Registration Statement and other paperwork (call Clerk at 439-1700 or stop into Village Office), be present at the Caucus and have a Village resident nominate you and get a second to that nomination.

Village Caucus:  Tuesday January 7, 2020 6:00 pm

2020 Caucus Notice

February Primary:Tuesday February 18, 2020

Location of Polling Place Type D Notice

Voting by Absentee Type E Notice

2-18-2020 Public Test Notice

2-18-2020 Absentee Count

2-18-2020 Results

Spring Election: Tuesday April 7, 2020

Type A Notice Spring 2020 County, State, Federal

Local Spring Election Type A Notice

Partisan Primary: Tuesday August 11, 2020

General Election: Tuesday November 3, 2020

PLEASE NOTE:  When the Village of Stockbridge posts their election results, the results are only from the Village of Stockbridge voting unit.  It does not contain combined totals for the other municipal voting units (for example, Town of Stockbridge, Town of Chilton, etc.)  All municipalities are required to call in their election results to Calumet County the night of the election.  Individual school districts conduct their own Board of Canvas (double checking results) and the County conducts a Board of Canvas for positions that are a County Supervisor Level and up.  Any results that are posted are unofficial until the Board of Canvasses are completed.

Wisconsin Clerks are guided by the rules enforced by the Wisconsin Election Commission for all elections.  To be directed to their website for the most up to date information regarding elections CLICK HERE

To educate yourself on how to register to vote and to obtain the Voter Registration Application download here or call the Village Clerk at 439-1700 or email her at [email protected].

To learn more information on obtaining an Absentee Ballot, CLICK HERE or read Absentee Voting Notice for each election above

I have received a post card in the mail regarding my Voter Registration Status…what does this mean?

State law requires the Elections Commission to conduct voter list maintenance every two years after each General Election.

The purpose is to identify people who are registered but have not voted in the past four years, and remove them from the list if they do not wish to remain registered.

The number of postcards mailed every two years varies greatly, depending on whether it follows an election for President or for Governor.  In 2013, the state mailed nearly 300,000 postcards to voters, compared to nearly 100,000 postcards in 2015.

The Elections Commission works closely with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to identify and remove voters who have died or been convicted of a felony.

 In 2016, Wisconsin joined the multi-state Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which provides the state with additional tools to identify voters who may have moved or died out of state.

More information about the four-year voter record maintenance process is posted to the Commission’s website: http://elections.wi.gov.